About the journey

An action learning, reflective and experiential retreat. You will go on sustainable leadership journey in order to take control and write your story for the future. 

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This is not a usual classroom learning/board room experience, but a purposely designed program based on taking back control and choosing to create your impact. 

Steps in the journey​
  1. Prologue – what was the vision for your life
  2. Call to action/adventure – what is your longing

  3.  Refusal of the call – are you living in the past or present

  4. Meeting with the mentor – who is your mentor
  5. Threshold of power – step over the edge and make the impact
  6. King for a day – reflection and acceptance of your accomplishments
  7. The goddess – what inner work do you need 
  8.  Ordeal – what are your struggles, what is your worst nightmare, can I live with it?
  9. The dagger – what do you need to cut to let go

  10. Back to the light – what is really important to you?  
  11. Death and resurrection – Where do you say no and align with your values in life

  12. Return with the elixir – take it out into the world

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