Our experienced team will provide support during your journey

Here are some of the highlights

  • Take a critical look at the historical leader Genghis Khan and his legacy - What is a leader today
  • Experience a different environment, the natural expansive Mongolian countryside to create space for innovative and creative thoughts 
  • 1 to 1 inner work with identifying your call to action (with a Shaman)
  • Discussion platforms , voice of the people, Kitchen Table/Camp Fire Conversations
  • World work projects – define the impact you or your company wants to make on the world
  • Unmasking to reveal the true you and create your impact – personal inner work
  • Interaction and insertion into the life of expert wilderness leaders, nomads and transform the ideas into your work environment 
  • Sleep under the stars in nomadic Gers
  • Group outer work – what is your impact on your team


Taking people to Mongolia and guiding them through an experiential program to transform their way of seeing the world and new way of being and seeing leadership. This will shift perspectives and open new avenues for Sustainable Leadership.

Your perception with shift through:

  • Interaction with the group
  • Journeys into the mountains
  • Working with horses
  • Team exercises
  • Mongolian sport activities
  • Space for individual reflection
  • Putting yourself into a different environment
sustainable leadership journey