The program is:

An action learning, reflective and experiential retreat.

The journey is based on the Leadership legacy of Genghis Khan. You will be inserted into his world, his story and experientially take a critical look from his wisdom thus enhance your perspective and leadership skills

Designed for leaders who are:

  • Entrepreneurs who have companies in the scale-up stage – transitioning
  • Owners of companies who have reached success but are looking for new motivations
  • Independents who are looking for the next developmental step
  • Senior persons in companies who are looking to take the next step in developmental career
  • Family business leaders moving through change
  • Leaders in companies who are looking to make a difference and create change
  • Corporate Teams looking to create a space for change, creativity and innovation


At the end of the journey you will: 

  • Have a new story and vision to take into your business world
  • Know how to create space for planning and reflection
  • Understanding and choosing your impact
  • You will know how to influence and motivate your culture
  • Be able to take your learnings and transfer the learnings back into your business culture
  • You will become more agile in the changing world
  • You will be equipped for managing change
  • Be able to motivate your teams and create loyalty

What does the program encompass?

All-inclusive program covering internal transportation, food and tuition of the program**

**Not included: International travel costs to and from Mongolia, travel insurance and meals in Ulaanbaatar​

  • 1. Two residential retreats split by 4 to 5 months of project integration work into the company 
  • inner work  - 7 days integration
  • outer work - 7 day integration
  • 2. Virtual Learning Lab in between the sessions to strengthen the newly learned skills
  • 3. Co-Leaders will be present and give support in between the programs.

In-between work:

  • In-between projects that integrate key learnings and provide knowledge transfer and culture building in the company.
  • To support the projects: Virtual Learning Labs in-between the sessions to strengthen the newly learned skills
  • The leaders and coaches will support reintegration back into the working world
  • Various tools will be used to identify key communication impact and how people act linked to different contexts they are experiencing.

The costs of our program

Early bird rate for journey 1 before February 28th 2018:

  • 7999 Euro

After March 1st 2018:

  • 8999 Euro

Please inquire for pricing for journey 2

This program can be paid by the following means:

  • Credit Card via Eventbrite
  • Wire Transfer payment 

Dates of the total program: part 1

  • Journey 1

1st inner work program retreat date: 

  • June 9th - June 15th, 2018

2nd outer work program retreat date: 

  • November 12th - November 16th, 2018

Dates of the total program: part 2

  • Journey 2

1st inner work program retreat date:

  • September 16th - September 23rd, 2018 (to be confirmed)

2nd outer work program retreat date:

  • February/March 2019 (to be confirmed)