About the team

Opportunity to learn with co-leaders who have:

  • Global experience
  • Understanding of diversified cultures
  • Full understanding of system and process work
  • Leadership experience through professional sports background
  • Extensive experience in the corporate world, sports world, non-profit and spiritual leadership

Our international co-leaders

sustainable leadership program

Virginia Anderson


Virginia is a Business Sports Integration Coach. She combines her sports background with her business experience and focuses on Performance and Development with executives and teams.

She is a Professional Certified Coach focusing on Organisational Systemic Coaching (ORSCC) as well as has Basketball Coaching and Refereeing Licenses. She works with her clients to improve their performance and navigate through change. She has a wide range of clients from professional athletes, business leaders and corporate teams working in international organizations and is passionate about creating Sustainable Leaders and helping them understand their impact in order to leave a positive legacy on their journey through their career.

Virginia has been able to move from the sports realm into the business realm and cross apply her experience in both sectors. Virginia has had the opportunity to spend significant amounts of time coaching, training and consulting in Eastern and Western Europe as well as Asia. She loves to inspire Cultural Integration with the organizations she works with and looks to leave and inspire a positive legacy in peoples lives. She says, “If I have inspired one person in the world then I have been successful”.

Co-leader Okokon Udo

Okokon Udo


Okokon has worked for more than 18 years building an extensive and varied portfolio of experience spanning leadership development, executive and team coaching, diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, talent management, training of trainers and consultants, organizational and personal change management. 

In his spare time, Okokon is an avid photographer, a cyclist, actor and blogger.

Okokon’s style is drawn from a number of schools of thought including Process Oriented Psychology, Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity, Evocative Leadership Mastery and Circle of Trust.

Our mongolian team

Ariyasuren Baldandorj

Marketing Manager, Achid COnsulting LLC

Ariyasuren is our project coordinator in Mongolia. She is a UBC graduate with a true passion in data science as well as an advocate of environmental sustainability. She will be more than happy to provide you with insights of Mongolia.

Tsatsral Boldbaatar

Marketing Manager, Achid COnsulting LLC

With a BA in Marketing and over 8 years of experience in marketing sector, Tsatsral is always seeking for an innovative way to bring her photography passion and her marketing work together. When not working you can find her in the nature with her camera in her hand.